Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Want This Stroller!

I'm not sure why, but I want this stroller. I would love to put on a black cape and mask and pull up next to some moms in the park pushing their weak jog strollers and challenge them to a race. I would fire up my Ipod in the custom Ipod dock. Then I would press play on the DVD player and roll the intro to Top Gun and shout Go! They Don't stand a chance.

This is a real stroller. It is The Limited Edition Harmony. A joint project of Pinstripe Prep, makers of fine baby and kid gear ["country club couture without the snobbery"], custom car guru Joe Iacono and the mastermind Jason Albert, whose expert hands bring each custom Harmony into the world.

The price tag you ask? It can be yours for around $3000. It all depends on wether you want the Ipod and DVD, the retractable cup-holders, the self-regenerating power-assisted drivetrain and brakes, the custom paint and custom wheels and custom luggage.

I say I want it all. College fund be damned. I'm making my cape while I wait the estimated 2 months for it to be produced.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My son and daughter came into the store and were instantly attracted to this cool new imaginative toy. I can't wait to try sled riding with it! This is definitely a new kind of toy.

The elementary shells leave room for the child's imagination. Instead of imposing a specific play pattern, Bilibo is open for a wide range of interpretations and encourages the children to invent their own games, to play and have fun in an active and creative way. Indoors and outdoors, in the sand-pit, in the water or even in the snow... Bilibo is full of surprises.

Both boys and girls can find virtually unlimited ways to play with Bilibos - from rocking, spinning, and sitting to hiding under, carrying with, and peeking through... Bilibo provides hours of open-ended play.