Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mom I want to be a TSA Agent!

Yes it's real. Every loving and caring parent needs to offer this toy to their little future Homeland Security Expert. Cause delays getting into your elementary school, spread fear, and interrogate your friends! Drug sniffing dog and travel size water boarding kit not included. I wish I would have thought of this. $29.95 will get you this cardboard box that beeps.

Below is the actual wording from the manufacturer of why this toy was created. Be afraid.

"In an effort to help children understand and be comfortable and confident in the need and process of higher security protocols we've developed a new play and learning toy and resource web site to promote and educate security procedures.

OperationCheckpoint.com and the makers of the Scan-It toy are attempting to bring security technology companies, governments and security providers together to help educate children on the need and importance of airport and public spaces security."

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Life in the City with Children
I walked outside yesterday to find my entire house surrounded by police cars.  All traffic was being deverted  onto our street from the neighboring Federal Blvd. Helicopters buzzed overhead as I ran to the corner, passing a group of children playing outside.  My son was in that group.  He said " hi daddy!,  why are you running?"  I gathered all the children and herded them inside our neighbors house without answering my son's question.  If I were to answer it I would have to say something like, " I'm running because I was scared shitless that something happened to you", or " I was running because the police are searching for a shooter."  Both answers seemed inappropriate at the time, so in classic parent fashion, I said nothing.  I remember a few times when my mother would answer my questions with silence.  It was never good.  Now here I was doing the same thing.  Life in the city with children can make you a silent parent sometimes.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Modern is in at Real Baby
modern means something that is "up to date", or "new", and that is exactly what is going on at Real Baby.  Our store and website are filled with modern  items for your nursery, your child, and you!  
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