Everyone wants a piece of the new parent, especially their wallet. App stores are part of that money rush. There’s mobile software that can help parents name their babies, soothe their babies, entertain their babies and speak to their babies in sign language.
The newest baby app of note on the market comes from WebMD Baby.  What's great is it's free, and is arguably more practical and useful than many of the others combined.
WebMD Baby is available only on Apple devices, at least until the company releases an Android version later this year. It provides a strong complement to — if not a total replacement for — Baby Connect ($5 on Android andApple), the best mobile assistant for new parents.
Unlike Baby Connect, WebMD Baby comes packed with information. The app takes advantage of its parent company’s trove of medically related content to offer parents guidance on what to expect from their child’s physical and emotional development, as well as health-related counsel when things go wrong.
At the app’s core are roughly 400 articles, 600 tips and 70 videos. I think the price is right for the App craving, information starved, new parent.