Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Learn to Love cooking with your kids

Cooking with your children can be challenging and at times stressful.  However, if you take the time to teach and take some simple steps to make it fun, you will be rewarded in so many ways!  Your children will learn an appreciation for what you do to create all of their meals.  They will learn to love new foods and be less fussy about new ingredients.  They will learn healthy habits and a love for good food and healthy ingredients.  They will learn a life skill that will help them from high school through college all the way to becoming a great spouse!  Her are a few simple steps and ideas to get you started on cooking with your child!

Create a kids cooking station:  seat your child at the dinner table or counter away from the heat so you  can continue to cook but still involve your child with a few tasks.

Start small:  give toddlers little tasks that won't slow down your meal preparations, such as stirring, finding ingredients, or rinsing vegetables.  You can increase your little chefs responsibilities as they age.

Create a menu together:  Encourage your kids to look at your cookbooks, magazines or cooking shows for recipes that they are interested in.  They will be excited with the end result! 

Get them cleaning:  keep cleaning equipment close by and enlist your kidskin the cleanup along every step of cooking.  It will teach them organization and cleanliness.

Invite a friend to cook:  invite a friend over who loves to cook.  Your children will learn new things from your friend and you will have some company!

Accept that not all kids like to cook:  Just like our grown up friends, not all kids are interested in cooking.  Instead, have them set the table or come up with a fun table display of food.  They can fold napkins or make menus, or decide with platters and plates to use.  They will have just as much fun as cooking!

Teach essential skills:  As your children get older, slowly incorporate essential cooking skills such as, peeling potatoes and veggies and  basic knife skills and safety.  Don't be afraid to help create a true chef!

Have fun and give praise:  Above all, don't forget to enjoy your time with your child.  This is a fun learning experience for both of you.  praise your child's efforts as they explore this great new world.  It will payoff for both of you!

Take a Parent/Child cooking class:  get out of your kitchen and into someone else's!  There are numerous classes out there that can be fun for your whole family.  Learn new skills and new recipes.  Most importantly, make a mess in someone else's kitchen!