Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cereal just got Interesting

Here is some information that is sure to spark a huge sales boost for breakfast cereal.  A recent study done at Oxford and Exeter Universities in Britain, states that pregnant mothers who skip breakfast and eat less, are more likely to give birth to girls, while mothers who consume more calories and a wider range of nutrients- including, specifically breakfast cereal- are more likely to have boys.  

I can see all the macho breakfast tables of America, husbands with their coaches shorts on forcing their wives to eat that third bowl of cereal.  "Are you still hungry honey?, have some more puffed Kashi!"  

The Universities asked 740 first time mothers in the UK to keep food diaries before and during early pregnancy.  The women didn't know the sex of their babies, but when researchers reviewed their food plans, they found that moms who consumed more calories of higher quality before conceiving were about 24 percent more likely to give birth to boys than the moms who ate less.  higher nutrient intake prior to conception, most notably the consumption of breakfast cereal are strongly associated with having a male infant.  

I can hear the wheels turning at Quaker Oats and Kellogg's.  Now who wants some Honey Bunches of O's?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Catch The Vibe!
The Vibe stroller from Phil&Teds has arrived at Real Baby.  This cool new stroller works just like the Phil&Teds Sport Buggy but with a much sleeker look.  What I like about the Vibe is that you can fold it all the way down with the doubles kit attached.  The new elliptical shape aluminum frame features a smart handle with a one touch brake, smart fold,  and a 5 point safety harness.  Phil&Teds inline strollers actually grow with your family.  the unique doubles kit attaches to both front and back allowing two children to ride inline in a stroller that is barely larger than a single.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Daughter's April Fools 

Yesterday was April Fools day.  I have never really been a big practitioner of April fools pranks, however, I do appreciate them.  I have my Grandmother to thank for that.  My Grandmother was the family prankster, and each year she would  achieve terrific results with her April foolery.   Aging in her soft recliner, tissues and coffee at the ready, my Grandmother would reel each one of us in with a subtle question or statement.  She would then  twist it in a way that would either concern, terrify, or confuse us.  Finally, she would hit us with the punch line, and laugh that beautiful little laugh of hers.  Damn, she was funny.  Fake ketchup as blood,  Staples punched into her tenting skin,  or twisted stories,  she knew how to get us.  

My 9 year old daughter would have made her Great Grandmother proud yesterday. She asked me if she could ride her bike around the block.  This is the sweet new mountain bike that we purchased her for Christmas.  I agreed, made sure she was helmeted, and sent her on her way.  

A few minutes later she ran back in the house saying that she had to use the bathroom.  I continued to work at the computer when a moment later she came back in from outside with the look on her face.  It's a look she only gives me when there's trouble.  Like when she and her brother have broken something.  She said very quietly, "Daddy come here,"  and walked out the front door.  I quickly followed her to the top of our stairs that lead to the sidewalk.  She pointed to the bottom of the stairs and said, " I left my bike right here, and now it's gone."  

We live in the city, and I have had several items ripped off over the years.  I could feel my blood temperature rising and in classic Irish catholic fashion began yelling various versions of the Lords name followed by words that rhyme with brother ducking and alike.  My daughter looked up at me with a face full of pride and said, "Daddy, April Fools!."  She had hidden her bike in the bushes and had successfully duped her old man.  I apologized for my curse laced tirade and gave her a huge hug.  Grandma was smiling yesterday.