Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's in a Name? Ask Google!

A parenting pop culture site recently did a survey and found that 64% of potential parents ran their baby name choices through Google.  We are all guilty of searching ourselves, well at least I am, and most parents want original names, names that don't mean the wrong thing, or lead there child to later abuse on the playground!  Read more in the NY Times article HERE

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Way to Run

I am relatively new to the sport of running.  I have always found my exercise through the art of chasing balls. Basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, tennis, and even squash.  The ball, and the game, take your mind off the fact that you are running and moving and pushing yourself to exhaustion.  
The art of running  has no distraction. It's you, and your body and your mind, pounding down whatever surface you choose for the day.  There are no interactions to take your mind off what you are feeling.  No one calling a foul, no comradery or  trash talking to motivate you. It is a singular sport.  Even if you choose to run with others, you spend most of your time processing and evaluating your own personal pace, gate, and state of well being.  
It has taken time, but I have learned to enjoy running.  I'm not saying I love it, and practice it as a passion, as some of my friends do.  I'm saying that I finally understand the attraction. You can't escape yourself when you run. Music helps, but there is a mind body connection that can not be excused.  Pain, freedom, elation, free thinking, sadness, and sense of accomplishment are only a fraction of the emotions you feel.  
I asked a friend once what she thought about when she ran: She quietly replied, "everything."   Then quickly followed that statement with, "I also constantly think about turning around, or calling someone to pick me up!"  The art of the run, I think it's time to lace up.

For all you parents who run to stay in shape, or stay sane, or to get your kids out of the house with you : Here is a fascinating article I read this morning on running:  The Once and Future Way to Run