Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Join us for Story Time!

Real Baby Boulder will be hosting a story time for you and your child every Thursday at 11am. Join our good friend Danielle as she reads from all of our favorite books, that are sure to make your child smile, laugh, and think.

Starting this Thursday February 26th at 11AM at our new Boulder location (1505 Pearl St).

Stop by Real Baby this Thursday for the most fun on the block. Receive 10% off your purchase from our selection of books after story time.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Real Baby Loves Robeez

Medical experts worldwide agree that barefoot is best, and soft, flexible-soled shoes are the next best choice, for both infants and children. The best shoe mimics bare feet, by supporting - not constricting tiny growing feet.

Robeez footwear flex and bend with every step. They promote good balance and unrestricted growth, while protecting little feet from the world. They stay on too, with elasticized ankles to ensure a perfectly snug fit.

When you're choosing shoes for their developing feet:
1. Make it soft. A softer sole that cushions, allows toes a better grip, helping balance and muscle growth.
2. Get fit. A shoe with elastic hugs the ankle with every step, staying snug and secure for a great fit.
3. Measure up. Little feet grow quickly, so measure regularly.
4. Be flexible. Shoes should not restrict proper bending of the joints. A soft flexible soled shoe allows the foot to flex with ease.
5. Go light. Help the new walker go light and stay upright by choosing a lightweight shoe without bulky padding and heavy soles.
6. Get wiggling. Promote movement and flexing of their growing feet with games like "This Little Piggy".