Tuesday, August 29, 2006

School is in Session

I dropped my children off at school today. Just like I have for the past four years, except this time I didn't have to return for 7 hours!

It has arrived. The magical time we have been waiting for. A new frontier. The time my mother referred to as " a happy time."

Both of my children are in school full time.

I have fond memories of my mother taking me back to school shopping at a rag tag department store called Uncle Bills. There were tables of notebooks and shelves of pens and glues. I would choose my folders and pens carefully, as my mother would scout out a few white button down shirts and clip-on ties to enhance my Catholic school wardrobe. She would even let me by some bad popcorn from the snack area.

Happy times indeed.

I think I'll take my kids to Big Lot's tomorrow.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Traveling in Troubled Times With Your Children

We just returned from a fantastic 10 day trip to the coast of Maine. Returning relaxed, our 5 hour drive to Logan airport in Boston turned stressfull when NPR radio announced the foiled terrorist plot in the U.K.

I thought how terrible and unfortunate. My wife and I disscussed our frustration with the state of the world and how lucky we are . Then we realized that terrorist plot half way across the world was going to royally screw up our day!

Our kids, 5 and 7yrs, sensed our change in attitude and began asking us questions. It's hard trying to explain in a 30 second blurb to a child why some people want to take down planes, hurt certain countries, and hate certain people.

Some times I wish I could make Barney magically appear and sing a little song about Hezzbollah, Jihad, and the Taliban. I just don't think Barney could find any words to create a rhyme.

So we kept it basic and to the point. Good versus evil, people wanting certain freedoms and others trying to take those freedoms away. We try to keep it open and unaccusing. No Blame, just people seeing things differently. Very differently.

Of course the kids stay interested for about 30 seconds and then the glaze hits their face and then there is the verbal explosion of, " look a cow!!" from our 5 year old as we drive by a farm.

Life is back to normal. You just cant carry on your sippy cup anymore.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Boogie Down with your Baby!

Looking to get out of the house with the kids on a Sunday afternoon? look no further than The D-Note in Old Town Arvada to have some rump shaking fun.

Every Sunday from 3 to 6pm, the D-note hosts Baby Boogie. The D-Note plays all your favorite its from the 70's and 80's for you and your children to boogie down. They also put out instruments for your kids to jam along with all the great music.

The D-Note has great deals on their wood fired pizzas and some drink specials for mom and dad.

The D-Note is located at 7519 Grandview Ave Arvada, Colorado