Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Real Baby Turns 10!

It's hard to believe that this photo was taken ten years ago, just weeks after we opened our doors to the neighborhood.  Many things have changed, and yet, many things have stayed the same.  My husband and I opened Real Baby with the purpose of sharing great baby products that we loved, with our friends and customers. Believe or not it was extremely difficult to find cool, fun, hip, and  functional items for parents and their children in 2003!  We also wanted to offer a place for parents to meet, share ideas, ask questions, put their hands on new products, and receive the best customer service in town.  With our helpful and knowledgeable staff, we continue to learn and grow, and offer our customers the best in baby products and service.  John and I and our two children, now 11 and 13 years old!, continue to live just blocks away from the shop.  We our proud to say that we have been a part of this neighborhood and a part of the Denver Children's market for a Decade!  

Here is a little look into the past...We are excited for the future! 

 Trying to figure out how to create the space
 Love the Florescent lighting!
Our kids in the construction window.  Having tea while I demo a wall!

Happy owners:  John and Hilary

Stay tuned for the details of our Real Baby anniversary celebration on march 21st! It's going to be a blast! 
Real Baby
3616 West 32nd Ave.
Denver Co. 80211

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

 New Safety Standards For Play Yards
New safety standards for play yards, also called travel yards or playpens, go into effect today, February 28, 2013. We have received a number of questions about what these new standards mean for consumers and for those who intended to give away or sell their used play yards. In this post, we summarize the new rules and standards.


Part of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) required the CPSC to develop mandatory safety standards for various durable infant and toddler goods. Previously, safety standards for these items were largely voluntary. The new mandatory standards were to be at least as stringent as the voluntary standards and more stringent if it was determined that additional safety requirements could further reduce the risk of injury. For the past three years, new standards have been rolled out forcribschildren’s bed railsbaby bath seatsbaby walkers,infant swings and toddler beds. The latest is for play yards.

What is Considered a Play Yard?

Although there are similarities to non-full sized cribs, to avoid confusion, play yards are defined as a “framed enclosure that includes a floor and has mesh or fabric sided panels primarily intended to provide a play or sleeping environment for children. It may fold for storage or travel.” Play yards are intended for children who are less than 35 inches tall, who cannot climb out of the product.

New Standards

Play yards that meet the new safety standard must have:
  • Side rails that do not form a sharp V when the product is folded. This prevents a child from strangling in the side rail.
  • Stronger corner brackets to prevent sharp-edged cracks and to prevent a side-rail collapse.
  • Sturdier mattress attachments to the play yard floor to prevent children from getting trapped or hurt.

Who Must Comply with the New Standards?

There is an important distinction between the new crib standards and the new play yard standards. For cribs, on the day the new standard went into effect, July 28, 2011, it became unlawful for anyone to sell, offer for use, or otherwise place into the “stream of commerce” any crib that does not meet the new safety standards. Childcare facilities and places of public accommodation such as hotels were not required to comply until December 28, 2012.
For play yards, the new safety standards only apply to play yards that are manufactured or imported on or after February 28, 2013.